what is happening

brush it off
sweep it under the rug

august 30.

september 6.

september 17.

september 21.

september 23.
september 23.

september 29.

october 2.

october 4.

october 16.

october 20.

november 1.

november 18.

another report.
never to be talked about again.

don’t let them see
the scars of those who have been violated
the months spent in therapy
the nights spent in tears instead of sleep
the days spent continuously asking why

make it
look like everything is excellent

don’t let anyone see their pain
even though this place is falling apart
even if someone could fix the problems
what if it looks bad?

let them suffer in silence
forget the hardships they are facing
it cannot
it will not
be addressed until it is forced
until the public demands an answer

is this how you best serve your people?

is this the way to support your community?
then the fear of a bad image will have you say
nothing could be done
and we did our best
but we will fix it now

and the foundation will need to be rebuilt
from scratch
and the apologies will pile up

but apologies don’t erase the trauma and wounds
of the past

now is the time
yesterday was the time
last month was the time
last year was the time

stand up

speak out

STOP letting it slip
through the cracks
and under the radar

STOP ignoring it

STOP pretending like everything is okay
because it’s not

and it’s our responsibility to change that

it’s on me
it’s on you

it’s on