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Simplicities Don’t Tend to Stay

i am wistfully watching the cousin of guilt he’s presenting himself yet again Invitation-less at the party she thought she’d closed the door he seems to find his way nonetheless dread is underrated he makes her want to scream but permits only a whisper she’s reaching to the world outstretched arms aching heart she knows what she desires. in front of her there lies a paradoxical world of beauty and pain the shattered looking glass quietly accessorized with silent wishes slipping desires and tainted experience shadows of loneliness and echoes of strength the red rose its dropping petals quietly...

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I Remember

I remember black-and-blue patterned shirts and the stale smell of sebaceous oil. I remember light-filled middle school stairwells. I remember reading Little House on the Prairie. I remember feeling grown up. I remember telling people I was gay, meaning happy. I remember telling people I was gay, meaning homosexual, and waiting for their response. I only remember some of their responses. I remember wearing a blue sweater and realizing I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been happy. It was in math class. I remember a red-cheeked teacher who accused me of lying. (I was.) I remember the first...

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