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Alba Craft: Oxford’s uranium-laced history

The Robinson sisters played in the water that shimmered and shined as it moved through the gravel and grass on its path down west Rose Avenue and onto south Main Street. Carol Robinson, the self-proclaimed mud pie queen, splashed in the rivulets that trickled off the roof and around the massive industrial facility next door to the Robinson’s home. She paid little attention to the bustling sounds of workers coming in and out of the concrete complex. The girls, all six of them, made an innocent hideout among the raspberry bushes that grew in their neighbor’s yard and on...

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Slow Down

2:45 a.m. on May 4 “Slow down, man,” says the kid waiting in front of me at the register. The air is fruity and the lights are soft in the Oxford Hookah Lounge. He blinks slowly, giving his eyelids a few moments to travel back up to an inebriated resting position. He’s wearing a short-sleeve, red and black button-up shirt with a dragon on the back. His hair is styled into a little tuft at the front. “Just slow down,” he slurs, like I might not have heard him the first time. *  *  * 3:00 a.m. on May...

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David Dabney: Every Day is a Music Video

The 18,500 students tucked away on a college campus in Oxford, Ohio walk past one another, pausing to smile at a student I nickname Dancing Speaker Guy. He wears a grey cable-knit sweater with a shawl collar, three wooden buttons to the left side. His indigo-dyed jeans are slightly worn and a little loose; his life tends to do that to most things. Photo by Victoria Ferguson He grew up in Lexington, Kentucky, riding horses. His just-under-six feet frame may be better suited for basketball, but his equestrian childhood shows in his mannerisms – how he contemplates before speaking,...

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Oxford Community Dinner Gives Chance to Give Back

I went to high school with an immense amount of students (4,000 to be exact). And trust me, I was never the student who got a 36 on their ACT or participated in multiple varsity sports. However, I did find my way by volunteering every week at a different organization through my school. One week I would play bingo with residents of Sunrise Nursing Home, the next week I would serve food at A Just Harvest for their community dinner. I did it all four years of high school, but stopped once I came to Oxford. Even before I stepped on campus, words and abstract ideas like “major,” “job” and “career” jumbled through my mind although I still had four years to ponder over my future. I saw it as survival of the fittest and to get what you want — you have to beat people out. So I met weekly for clubs, attended lectures to boost my grades and applied to everything that I thought would improve my resume. As I slowly became consumed in achieving the “perfect” adult life, my real priorities were left behind. I missed opportunities to connect with people and invest my time where it was needed most. Sophomore year, I quit everything I wasn’t passionate about and dug into my community service roots. I still don’t have the same free time as I once...

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‘Chickpea Chicks’ Jen and Kelly Bring Happiness and Hummus to Oxford

To have Jen Eastridge and Kelly Armstrong tell you how their company Chickpea Chicks got started is a little like when a couple tells the story of how they met, minus the “and the rest was history” cliché. Jen and Kelly finish each other’s sentences, words blending with bright smiles and laughter as they explain how they began as peers at the Art Academy of Cincinnati before becoming friends a decade later on an alumni tour. It wasn’t until last spring, however, that they decided they wanted to start some sort of business together. “We’d been sitting there brainstorming,...

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