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Alba Craft: Oxford’s uranium-laced history

The Robinson sisters played in the water that shimmered and shined as it moved through the gravel and grass on its path down west Rose Avenue and onto south Main Street. Carol Robinson, the self-proclaimed mud pie queen, splashed in the rivulets that trickled off the roof and around the massive industrial facility next door to the Robinson’s home. She paid little attention to the bustling sounds of workers coming in and out of the concrete complex. The girls, all six of them, made an innocent hideout among the raspberry bushes that grew in their neighbor’s yard and on...

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Slow Down

2:45 a.m. on May 4 “Slow down, man,” says the kid waiting in front of me at the register. The air is fruity and the lights are soft in the Oxford Hookah Lounge. He blinks slowly, giving his eyelids a few moments to travel back up to an inebriated resting position. He’s wearing a short-sleeve, red and black button-up shirt with a dragon on the back. His hair is styled into a little tuft at the front. “Just slow down,” he slurs, like I might not have heard him the first time. *  *  * 3:00 a.m. on May...

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