i am wistfully watching the cousin of guilt
he’s presenting himself yet again
Invitation-less at the party
she thought she’d closed the door
he seems to find his way nonetheless
dread is underrated
he makes her want to scream
but permits only a whisper
she’s reaching to the world
outstretched arms aching heart
she knows what she desires.
in front of her there lies
a paradoxical world of beauty and pain
the shattered looking glass
quietly accessorized with silent wishes
slipping desires and tainted experience
shadows of loneliness and echoes of strength
the red rose
its dropping petals
quietly brushing the earth
painting it red
reaching to the world craving this beauty
but frightened of what it holds
it’s dread that envelopes her
not because of what could be
but instead because of what is.
mist-like, it’s hard to be shaken
everyone’s feelings to be considered
for a stretching moment
she’s forgotten about her own
she knows what she desires
patience regained, she faces the world
reaching for things that cannot be touched
catching the open wind on her fingers
it’s there for just a moment
only to disappear
because simplicities don’t tend to stay.