Miami’s skating dynasty strives for everyday excellence



On the outside looking in

A Korean adoptee’s attempts to reconcile nature, nurture and preconceived notions
By Maya Fenter

Woman at Work

Steinkeller server stays resilient in the face of reality
By Céilí Doyle

The Woman at Table 9

A writer’s lessons from a summer waiting tables in a nursing home.
By Anna Minton

Real-life fairy godmothers

The university’s housekeepers wield bathroom cleaner, not wands.
By Chloe Murdock

The summer I learned to live

“I believe this summer happened for a reason.”
By Julia Plant

Same place, new person

“The roads and fields that once felt so alien now fill my head with memories.”
By Duard Headley

The making of a real Italian

A trip to Florence solidifies one writer’s relationship to her Italian heritage.
By Mackenzie Rossero

Mentioned in Passing

An awkward AirDrop accident

By Julia Arwine

A win and a loss

By Ben Deeter

An uncanny resemblance

By Julia Plant

Coloring and chatting

By Emily Dattilo

the ribbon we cannot untie

“are we not all walking stories?”
By Emily Dattilo

to the people in power

“the foundation will need to be rebuilt from scratch”
By Laura Dudones