Author: Julia Plant

An uncanny resemblance

My mom sits in the wooden chairs outside Bodega, her long blond hair covering her face as she hunches over her iPhone. She’s wearing the red reading glasses she reluctantly bought at Kroger and squints while she texts using only her right pointer finger. I approach her from behind, embracing her in a tight hug around her shoulders. It’s only been about a month since I last saw her, but she asked me earlier this week if she could drive the two hours from Indianapolis to get lunch. She’d told me that seeing me and my brother is her...

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The summer I learned how to live

I’m not superstitious — not even religious, really. But sometimes I’m sentimental enough to believe some things happen for a reason. I believe this summer happened for a reason. *** My phone lights up as I sit down for dinner in a crowded New York City restaurant in the middle of January. The caller ID shines brightly in the dimly-lit room: Clark, Colorado. It takes me a second to realize why I’m receiving a phone call from so far away — and then it hits me. Shit. I hesitate before walking out of the restaurant to answer the call...

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