Author: Chloe Murdock

Nowhere to Turn

Ying tells stories in a thin, nonchalant voice. Like when she mentions that on a near-constant basis, professors and international students alike approach her with a flourish of welcoming Mandarin, before they find out that Ying can only respond in English. Or when she recalls the various moments throughout her life when someone thought it was OK to ask her if she fit Asian porn stereotypes, some of which she wasn’t even aware of. Bukakke? A sideways vagina? She had to Google them. A lot has happened to Ying on this campus, but it is simply following a pattern...

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Real-life fairy godmothers

A student once approached Vonda Reynolds with an odd question: Did Vonda want a cat? “No,” Vonda said, confused, and continued cleaning the common rooms and restrooms of the former Mary Lyons Hall. Vonda, a building and grounds assistant, later found out the student’s boyfriend had given her a kitten for her birthday. The cat was not allowed in the dorm, and the student had until 6 p.m. the next day to get rid of it. Resident assistants had called local animal shelters. None would take the cat. Later in the day, Vonda ran into the student again. This...

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Tortillas and motorcycles: my family, its memories and the opinions in between

Students packed the auditorium for a diversity panel at the Ohio University High School Journalism Workshop. It wasn’t crowded just because the panel was mandatory, but because diversity was a controversial topic even in a world where Donald Trump wasn’t yet president. It was 2016, the summer before my senior year of high school. The conversation quickly became heated, and the adults lost control of it. Everyone was angry and divisive, especially while talking about Trump. Most people seemed to be anti-Trump, except for one kid in the front who stuck out like a red “Make America Great Again”...

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