Author: Ben Finfrock


It starts in the pits of your stomach and consumes your upper body Your legs go motionless Your cheeks turn red You start to giggle It feels so good This combination of nervousness and excitement When you meet someone and it just feels right Maybe it’s not love, but possibility It’s the idea of what could be What could be more than a hookup or one-night stand You feel like maybe, just maybe you could be more than a piece of meat Maybe you could be someone who could be loved in the eyes of someone else You have...

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Las Vegas

Last summer I was out in Las Vegas The 105-degree sun beamed down on my face Champagne glasses clinked along the pool side, as ladies in red bikinis tried to tan The streets were lined with cars so fancy a Honda would have been out of place The shops and the women were draped with the top names in fashion Klein, Boss, Ford, Vuitton, Wang, Versace At night, the 20-somethings of America came out to play “I’ll bet 10, 20, 50, 100,” they all say Wasting their money, their night, and their prime They drank whiskey and rum to make it seem sublime From my hotel room atop the city I can see the party below People dressed to the nines, Lights brighter than the New York skyline If this is the West Egg, then I am Gatsby In the midst of the glitter and poker chips A gilded reality exists within the pavement of this dessert oasis In the hearts of its visitors lies a loneliness of great might One that is hidden in the heat of the night With colorful casino lights Down by the quiet of the pool of The Wynn, a man nurses a bottle of scotch He flirts with a woman, a woman he will never get A woman in the Venetian gambles the last of her savings away With no job, no money,...

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