Author: Céilí Doyle

Monument Man

“I will always be proudest of the moment when I found the courage to stand up and shout we must stop this! without thinking of the personal consequences. It is my eternal wish that all the missing art treasures will be recovered and that they will be available for the whole world to see.” — pg. 117, “The Safekeepers: A Memoir of the Arts at the End of World War II” *** Wednesday, Nov. 7, 1945 In the middle of a bombed-out city, the Wiesbaden State Museum in Germany was one of the few buildings still intact six months...

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Woman at Work

The clinking of silverware echoes over the din of chatter below High Street. Students, families of residents and a handful of professors crowd the tables of Steinkeller for Steak Night. Kelly Smith struts into the dining room, carrying a layer of napkins to roll silverware. After a few minutes, she heads over to the bar and flags down Mike, who is managing tonight. “I’m gonna run real fast, but I’ll be back,” she says. “Is that cool?” Mike nods and makes a smoking motion with his pointer and middle fingers, and then winks. “Well, I’m not really gonna run,”...

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Alba Craft: Oxford’s uranium-laced history

The Robinson sisters played in the water that shimmered and shined as it moved through the gravel and grass on its path down west Rose Avenue and onto south Main Street. Carol Robinson, the self-proclaimed mud pie queen, splashed in the rivulets that trickled off the roof and around the massive industrial facility next door to the Robinson’s home. She paid little attention to the bustling sounds of workers coming in and out of the concrete complex. The girls, all six of them, made an innocent hideout among the raspberry bushes that grew in their neighbor’s yard and on...

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