Facing it, even though she was drowning, even though it hurt, made her


By Kylie Gambill


Oxford’s uranium-laced history

A look into the clandestine operations of one Mile Square shop during the Cold War era.
By Céilí Doyle


Our writer spends a night inside the Oxford Hookah Lounge.
By Jack Evans

A hitch in Jim’s step

How one Armstrong Student Center employee is beating the odds.
By Emma Kinghorn

Finding Grace

She’d already been searching for the boy for several years, but now she was determined to find the girl, too.
By Jennifer Wenger


A high school field hockey standout grapples with the prospect of playing in college.
By Riley Steiner

Doing the Most

Get to know a Miami junior who’s a product of America’s achievement culture.
By Megan Zahneis

I Remember

“I remember nights crying loudly and hoping nobody would hear. I wrote a lot of poetry this way.”
By Talia Mesnick

Simplicities Don’t Tend to Stay

“In front of her there lies a paradoxical world of beauty and pain.”
By Emily Dattilo